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Masa Weddings, Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Masa Weddings


Imogen & Liam
Wedding Date: 30 August
Wedding Venue Masa

Imogen & Liam have been together since they were 16 years old after meeting through mutual friends. Their friendship grew and soon turned to love as Cupid’s arrow struck Imogen and Liam at the same time.  For a few years they did the dating thing and with both studying hard at university they had to grab precious time when they could with each other.  Their love was strong and it was on the day before their 5th anniversary of getting together that Liam popped the question!



On a dry and sunny day in Derbyshire (one of those rare occasions) Liam & Imogen enjoyed a beautiful picnic in the grounds of Elvaston Castle.  After enjoying a variety of homemade sandwiches, cheese, crisps (and most probably a glass of something fizzy that rhymes with echo) they packed their picnic away, content with everything.  Liam however, had other plans!  With Imogen’s back turned he dropped into action.  On bended knee he plucked out a small box containing the engagement ring out and awaited Imogen to turn around.  This she did and Liam tells me it was the biggest, happiest and most beautiful smile he had ever seen!  Without any hesitation Imogen said 'Yes' and Liam was able to stand, kiss and hold his bride to be.  It shows how confident Liam was as he had organised a surprise party for all their family and close friends, at his parent’s house, later that day!



Wedding planning became the topic of many a conversation and Imogen is blessed with a fabulous mum and sister who helped out and made and planned a lot of the details of the day themselves.   

Imogen purchased a dress 18 months before her wedding day.  However she lost too much weight for it to fit and so she chose another dress from WED2B in Nottingham who are the UK’s largest and most affordable retailer offering off the peg wedding dresses at brilliant value and have stores across the UK. 

Imogens shoes are the design Irregular Choice and they were the envy of Mrs Martelle!

The flowers on the day were provided by the lovely Jennifleurs.  If you are looking for a bespoke creation, with class, very affordable then we unreservedly recommend this lady. 


Imogen is a creative lady and is very adept in the baking department.    As such she chose to make her own cake which was a vintage style naked cake decorated with fruit.    I must add we did try some on the evening and it was worthy of the Paul Hollywood smile and hand shake.  Sadly, he isn’t available to comment so I will just say WOW!

Imogen and her bridesmaids had their hair expertly done by Kim at Shine Hair & Beauty and the make-up was done by SJG professional make up artistry.  Imogen mentioned to me that these ladies made her morning and were instrumental in calming any nerves as well as being thoroughly professional doing an amazing job.

2018-03-21_00052018-03-21_0005 2018-03-21_00062018-03-21_0006

Music was by The Burgundys who did 2 sets, had everyone on their feet and are our favourite wedding band, by far!


Photography was by us, Martelle Photography and the reason Liam & Imogen gave for choosing us was...  ‘You made us feel welcome and comfortable from the moment we met you.’ 

The day itself was a cloudy day with outbursts of sunshine and little bit of rain here and there.  The rain happened mainly during the breakfast though and so everyone was able to enjoy the late afternoon and summer evening in the garden.  We took the newly married couple to Markeaton Park for their private shoot and to also give them time together away from their guests.

2018-03-21_00072018-03-21_0007 2018-03-21_00082018-03-21_0008 2018-03-21_00102018-03-21_0010

I asked Liam & Imogen to tell me which was the best part of the day.  There were so many but they agreed that sitting next to each other, at their wedding breakfast looking over the room full of family and friends, and realising they were now married was the moment of the day!  We also asked this lovely couple if they could offer any advice about planning their wedding and advice about their big day what would it be.  They gave us this….


 “With planning don't stress over tiny details, no one will know if it doesn't happen apart from you!  Also, on your special day you are surrounded by family and friends.  Time shoots past so make sure you find the time to spend TOGETHER as a couple on your day.

Imogen & Liam



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David & Linda came to us after Linda had met Ellen via a mutual friend.  After seeing how Ellen is with people and with her shiny personality Linda quickly made up her mind and David was told that Martelle were to be their wedding photographers.  When they came for chat about their day they were relaxed and there was a lot of laughter.  They left us comfortable in the knowledge we would be there on the day. This is especially nice as many people say we are more than photographers and do so much more than they expect.

David has a big heart and Linda stole it.  They are a fabulous, warm and genuine couple.  Our job of capturing the essence of their day was made so much easier and we had an absolute ball on their day.  

So on a dry day in March 2017 we took these.  We hope you enjoy them as much as Linda & David ... and as much as we do.

Very recently we had an enquiry from a work colleague of Linda's. She was basically told to get in touch with us.  Personal recommendations are the very best accolade of what we do so Thank you Linda x


We believe that Swancar Farm & Country House is one of the the best venues in Nottingham to get married.  We recommend that if you are engaged that you give them a call and go and see it for yourself.  It is exclusive and there will only be one wedding there on your day - unlike a few other venues we know. The staff are well trained, courteous, polite and professional throughout.  They look after every aspect and give you the very best day.    

Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Swancar WeddingsSwancar Weddings Swancar WeddingsSwancar Wedding Photography Weddings at SwancarSwancar Wedding Photographer Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarNottingham Weddings Photography at Swancar Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarWedding Photographer Swancar Swancar WeddingsSwancar Weddings Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarWedding Photographer Swancar Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarNottingham Weddings Photography at Swancar Swancar WeddingsSwancar Wedding Photography Weddings at SwancarSwancar Wedding Photographer Swancar WeddingsSwancar Weddings Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarWedding Photographer Swancar Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarNottingham Weddings Photography at Swancar Swancar WeddingsSwancar Wedding Photography Weddings at SwancarSwancar Wedding Photographer Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarNottingham Weddings Photography at Swancar Swancar WeddingsSwancar Weddings Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Swancar WeddingsSwancar Wedding Photography Weddings at SwancarSwancar Wedding Photographer Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarWedding Photographer Swancar Swancar WeddingsSwancar Weddings Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Nottingham Weddings Photography at SwancarNottingham Weddings Photography at Swancar Weddings at SwancarSwancar Wedding Photographer Swancar WeddingsSwancar Wedding Photography Nottingham Weddings Photography at Swancar

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Weddings at Swancar-Sarah & Jay Swancar Weddings - Sarah & Jay

We really love shooting weddings at Swancar so much so that we believe it is one of the best places to get married in Nottingham.  

Swancar, is an idyllic setting for your most special celebration. Set amidst 250 acres of rolling Nottinghamshire countryside, the beautiful 16th century country house provides a romantic, elegant backdrop for your special day and is perfectly situated in Trowell, Nottingham, within easy reach of the M1 and local surrounding areas of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.  Turning off the main road you can enjoy a short drive on a private road leading two the house itself.  It a very exclusive venue and you will be the only bride there on your special day - unlike some other venues. 

We have always found the staff here very amiable and helpful.  Nothing is too much to the team and as a wedding photographer supplier they have helped us also whenever we have needed it.

The venue itself has a lot of great places for photography and the Main Banquet Hall is huge and filled with light.  Lastly the bridal suite is stunning and spacious. 

A warm welcome awaits you at this beautiful wedding venue. With its magnificent views it really can be exclusively yours on your wedding day.

It is their attention to detail which sets them apart; the Wedding and Events Managers and dedicated friendly team will work with you to plan your wedding to perfection and will do everything we can to turn your dreams into reality.


Swancar Wedding Photographs, Swancar Country HouseWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photographs, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photographs, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photography, Swancar Wedding VenueWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photography, Swancar Wedding VenueWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photographs, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar

Swancar Wedding Photographs, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photographs, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar

Swancar Wedding Photography, Swancar Wedding VenueWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photographs, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photography, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar

Swancar Wedding Photographs, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar

Swancar Wedding Photography, Swancar Wedding VenueWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photography, Swancar Wedding VenueWeddings at Swancar Swancar Wedding Photographs, Weddings at SwancarWeddings at Swancar




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Trash The Dress Nottingham Bride Trashes her Wedding Dress!!


'Trash the Dress' or 'Rock the Frock' as it is sometimes known is not a new thing, although it is not as common here in the UK as it is in the USA.  It also doesn't mean that the dress gets trashed although some brides may choose to really go to town with it and so it will get trashed I guess!

Trash the Dress is merely a play on words. It is the concept of a wedding dress in a contrasting environment to which it would usually be worn.  Such environments may include, a woodland area, in the sea, on a beach or in a river.  Dresses may get dirty and wet and we don't set fire to them.  

No brides were harmed in the making of this Trash the Dress. 

Imogen and Liam went along with a group of her bridesmaids to a small woodland nature reserve, near to Newstead Abbey, where they wandered through the rivers, stood under a waterfall and had powder paint thrown at them, destroying the dress in a matter of hours.

ITTD-102ITTD-102 ITTD-110ITTD-110 ITTD-114ITTD-114 ITTD-116ITTD-116 ITTD-122ITTD-122 ITTD-121ITTD-121 ITTD-124ITTD-124 ITTD-129ITTD-129 ITTD-135ITTD-135 ITTD-132ITTD-132 ITTD-137ITTD-137 ITTD-142ITTD-142 ITTD-138ITTD-138 ITTD-147ITTD-147 ITTD-152ITTD-152 ITTD-149ITTD-149 ITTD-146ITTD-146 ITTD-155ITTD-155 ITTD-158ITTD-158 ITTD-159ITTD-159 ITTD-160ITTD-160 ITTD-163ITTD-163 ITTD-169ITTD-169 ITTD-171ITTD-171 ITTD-167ITTD-167 ITTD-177ITTD-177 ITTD-178ITTD-178 ITTD-182ITTD-182 ITTD-183ITTD-183 ITTD-199ITTD-199 ITTD-200ITTD-200 ITTD-202ITTD-202 ITTD-205ITTD-205 ITTD-201ITTD-201 ITTD-206ITTD-206 ITTD-211ITTD-211 ITTD-209ITTD-209 ITTD-214ITTD-214 ITTD-215ITTD-215 ITTD-216ITTD-216 ITTD-219ITTD-219 ITTD-220ITTD-220


The main thing about this shoot was that it was all in aid of charity.  imogen & Liam raised just short of £500 which is what she may have got had she sold her dress!! Well done to them


If you want to 'Trash a Dress' or 'Rock a Frock' (it doesn't need to be a Wedding Dress) then please get in touch...... we would love to hear your ideas and our prices are very reasonable!!  

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Rachel & Chris's Wedding Woodborough Hall. ​Rachel & Chris were married at St Mark's Church, Woodthorpe before enjoying a Wedding Breakfast with Families and Friends at Woodborough Hall.  Rachel also enjoyed the morning at Woodborough hall as she prepared for her her big day.  On this occasion Martelle was ably assisted by an excellent young photographer, Jacqueline Shieff who has a great eye for detail.

Rachel's preparations were perfect and the surroundings and rooms of Woodborough were just perfect and she was helped by her amazing bridesmaids and mum.    Meanwhile, Chris relaxed at his Dad's home before getting ready.  

The day went swimmingly well and despite the chance of rain - there was none!  Chris and Rachel said their vows in a beautiful ceremony at St Mark's Church in Woodthorpe and departed quickly to Woodborough.  Despite a chill in the air Chris & Rachel were fantastic and up for being photographed.  

Anyway...shall we let some photos do the talking.



R&C008R&C008 R&C013R&C013 R&C022R&C022 R&C052R&C052 R&C057R&C057 R&C078R&C078 R&C081R&C081 R&C106R&C106 R&C113R&C113 R&C119R&C119 R&C128R&C128 R&C140R&C140 R&C182R&C182 R&C193R&C193 R&C203R&C203 R&C216R&C216 R&C221R&C221 R&C240R&C240 R&C248R&C248 R&C252R&C252 R&C281R&C281 R&C285R&C285 R&C300R&C300 R&C309R&C309 R&C325R&C325 R&C344R&C344 R&C352R&C352 R&C356R&C356 R&C368R&C368 R&C380R&C380 R&C408R&C408 R&C409R&C409 R&C418R&C418 R&C428R&C428 R&C441R&C441 R&C443R&C443 R&C457R&C457 R&C459R&C459 R&C461R&C461 R&C464R&C464 R&C465R&C465 R&C467R&C467 R&C468R&C468 R&C473R&C473 R&C479R&C479 R&C488R&C488 R&C499R&C499 R&C504R&C504 R&C508R&C508 R&C510R&C510 R&C517R&C517 R&C523R&C523 R&C526R&C526 R&C561R&C561 R&C569R&C569 R&C578R&C578 R&C587R&C587



And now this fabulous coupe are going to become parents.... very soon!!










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James and Lauren - Colwick Hall Wedding James And Lauren met in Lanzarote 2006. James was on a lads holiday and Lauren a girls holiday. The 2 groups met in one of the local bars and it would seem like it was always destined to happen.

Both Lauren & James hit it off from the very beginning and the romance blossomed. James is a romantic guy and he knew he was going to marry Lauren and on a day in 2013 they took a day trip to Warwick Castle. It was here that James decided to do a ‘selfie’ using his camera on a tripod and timer delay. Unbeknown to Lauren, James was actually videoing it and as he approached Lauren for the ‘photograph’ he got down on bended knee and popped the question. Lauren accepted without hesitation and the 2 were engaged.

Fast forward to July 30th 2016 and the Wedding of James & Lauren. The Venue -Colwick Hall, Nottinghamshire.......

Lauren got ready in a hotel room upstairs after having spent the night before at the venue. She was calm, relaxed and ready. Her Bridesmaid, Nic, was also with her and they enjoyed a glass of champagne and cake as they got ready.

James got ready at home and made his way on this hot day to the venue with his best man, Rob, or as he is also known, Brewer.

The day was a hot one and everybody was suited and booted. The bride looked beautiful and was complimented by her bridesmaid in a beautiful purple dress.. The ceremony went extremely smoothly and immediately after the ceremony they departed on a car journey, in a posh car, to relax and take in the moment away from their guests, who refreshed themselves at the bar. Upon their return we took advantage and got a few shots before they met their guests and enjoyed the Wedding Breakfast.

The speeches were fantastic and the Father of the Bride had everyone in stitches. The day progressed in a light hearted manner and a fun atmosphere with all the guests enjoying the occasion and warm weather before the party really kicked off after the first dance and the evening barbecue was a big hit. In fact the whole day was a huge success for all.

Lauren & James collected their photos from Martelle Photography about 5 weeks after their wedding and were overjoyed with them.  We thoroughly enjoyed their day and have even used their images for  a sample album.

Nottingham Wedding Photographer



Nottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding Photographer

Nottingham Wedding Photographer

Nottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding Photographer

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Sneak Preview- Kelly & Josh Swancar is an amazing venue and we witnessed the wedding of Kelly and Josh, humbly assisted by Ellen and our young apprentice, Megan.

We had fun and it was a fabulous wedding.  But enough with the text... Here's some pictures. 

Nottingham Wedding Photographer,Wedding Photographer in NottinghamNottingham Wedding Photographer 3Groom checks his cufflinks Wedding at Swancar, NottinghamNottingham Wedding Photographer 4Bride takes a look out of window Derby Wedding Photographer,Wedding Photographer in Derby,Nottingham Wedding Photographer 2Bride and Groom see each other for first time Wedding at Swancar, NottinghamNottingham Wedding Photographer 5Bride and Groom Signing the Register Mansfield Wedding Photographer,Wedding Photographer in MansfieldNottingham Wedding Photographer 1Bride and Groom spend time alone Wedding at Swancar, NottinghamNottingham Wedding Photographer 6Bride and Groom take a moment together Wedding at Swancar, NottinghamNottingham Wedding Photographer 7Stormy Skies with Bride and Groom Wedding at Swancar, NottinghamNottingham Wedding Photographer 8First Dance of Bride and Groom

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Ringwood Hall, Stefan & Phillipa Stefan & Philippa are a funloving and happy couple.  They approached Martelle  after seeing our 'Umbrella Shot' and said it was the best they had seen.  This was lovely to hear and after spending time with us and after hearing our enthusiasm and ideas for their wedding they booked us.  Their wedding was on 19 September 2015 at Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield.   This is an excellent venue for photographs and we couldn't wait.

On the day we met Phillipa at her Dad's house in Calverton and went about taking shots of the dress, shoes and the bridal preps themselves.  We then raced (safely, and within the speed limits, I hasten to add) to Ringwood to meet Stefan and his Groomsmen. We managed to get a few shots of Stefan and the rings before they were needed and waited for the beautiful bride to arrive.

The ceremony was beautiful and the selfie shot at the end was brilliant.  Afterwards we took lots of casual and informal shots but before that we had 25 minutes with the newlyweds on their private shoot.  We took full advantage of this time and got some great shots!

Phillipa and Stefan enjoyed some time with their family and friends before doing the group formal shots and everyone had a lot of fun.  We try and do this as quickly as possible so everyone can get back to the day.

The day progressed nicely and in the evening Phillipa & Stefan asked us to create a Romeo and Juliet Scene, a Harry Potter Scene and we added a bit of our magic.  See if you can spot them below!

Since the Day Phillipa & Stefan have taken delivery of their stunning Graphi Album and to say they fell in love with it is an understatement.

Anyway...let the photos speak....

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Eastwood Hall, Nottingham Wedding - Carly & Ben Carly is one of the nicest brides we have met yet.  She is so caring and enthusiastic it unreal!  Ben is a very laid back and casual man but he takes things in his stride and is quietly in charge. I am sure they wont mind me saying that!

They were married recently in All Saints Church, Strelley, Nottingham before heading to Eastwood Hall for their Wedding Reception.  They had picked Martelle Photography  after Carly's Mum had seen us in action at another wedding. This is, I guess, a credit to how we work and the rapport we get with guests.

Eastwood is the home town of Lord Byron and Eastwood Hall is a beautiful setting for a wedding,  Indeed is is one of the better places for weddings as  the staff are friendly, food is lovely and the grounds offer some nice places for photos.

Carly had planned everything meticulously and it all went amazingly well.   Here are a few images of the day:


Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
Nottingham Wedding Photographer
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Why Choose a Professional Photographer? When it comes to planning your big day and you start adding up the costs involved for the dress, the venue, the rings and the other things it is understandable to start looking at where you can save money.

However when it comes to capturing your wedding day, here are 5 reasons to not skimp on your wedding photography and asking your friend down the road or someone in the family that has got a 'nice camera'.

1. There is more to being a photographer than having an expensive camera
In the same way an artist uses a brush, a cake maker uses ingredients and a writer uses a pen, these are just tools, it’s how the person use those tools that produces those amazing creations.  

James Martin (That TV Chef) has all the ingredients, tools and that oven.  He crafts his food in such a way that most people with the same set up would not be able to equal!  If you wanted to sit down and dine 5* then I guess you would more than likely look for someone with years of experience with a lot of happy and satisfied customers who would recommend them.

You want someone who knows how to use the camera, who has the experience of taking photos in different light, different conditions, composing different shots and executing it perfectly. The camera doesn’t do this, the photographer does this and has developed their skill and knowledge through years of experience and many hours of shooting. With this you get consistency, not one or two stunning photos, but a whole albums worth.

2. An amateur means more work for you.
A professional photographer will have years of experience capturing weddings, they will know the shots to take, they will know where to be at that right time, they can be left to get on with their job in full confidence knowing they will be where you want them to be.

They will also anticipate what will happen next, they will know the flow of the day, they will have already found the perfect place for those cute bride and groom shots, they will know the ideal location in the church with the perfect back drop, your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot, it is a dynamic event with only one chance to capture those moments.

3.  Feeling at ease
Weddings have both posed moments as well as action shots. You may have asked for some group photos and posed shots, you want to feel at ease and a professional shall be able to make you feel comfortable and natural, not stiff and awkward, these moments are part of your wedding day, so they should be fun and enjoyable. This skill is something that comes from experience and having trust in them.

4. What If…
What if…? What if the photographer falls ill, there is an emergency, their computer hard drive fails? The worst case scenario is you have no photos of your big day at all! A professional photographer will have a plan B, they shall have contacts to call upon, they will have back ups of back ups. An amateur may not have a plan B and may not be able to afford to back up everything up, where as a reputation is on the line for a professional.

5. You only have one chance
This is your wedding day, and hopefully you will only be having one special day. You only have one chance to capture your wedding day, so make sure you trust and have confidence in your photographer.

When the big day is over, the dress will be put away,, the flowers will wilt and the cake will be out up and eaten.  Apart from memories all you have are photos, photos you can treasure, photos you can all show to friends, family and grandchildren. 

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Punam & Shaun Not long after Easter we were contacted by Punam who told us all about her plans to wed Shaun.  We invited her round for a chat and she booked Martelle Photography later that day.

Punam is getting married in a traditional Indian style next year and to show her family her love for Shaun she booked a civil ceremony at The Nottingham Council House for 30 May this year.  That also happens to be our wedding anniversary but we love weddings so much and and we couldn't say no.

So at 9.30 we arrived at the Council House so we could check few things and see the room, The Sherriff's Room, only to see Punam & Shaun waiting - only 1 hour early!!

After the ceremony Punam & Shaun had some photos outside and then headed to Prezzo in Nottingham City Centre.  We were delighted to be able to join them and all their guests for some food and to celebrate their marriage.

At about 5pm Punam & Shaun were on centre stage for the Indian Blessings which we were very privileged to witness it.  In the evening we headed to Memsaab for some fabulous indian cuisine....which we love as it gives Martin plenty ideas for Recipes!!

Late into the evening we headed out to Nottingham Castle and to the Robin Hood Statue as Punam wanted to capture some of her Wedding Photography in Nottingham as an essence.  Anyway....... Here's a few photos of the day.

Nottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding Photographer

Nottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding Photographer Nottingham Wedding PhotographerNottingham Wedding Photographer

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A Surprise Wedding in Chesterfield Before Christmas we were asked, at vey short notice, if we were available for an engagement party by another photographer as she was already booked.  Our details were passed on to Jen & Steve and we received a lovely email from them and had a really good chat on the phone.

The engagement party was going to be at The Casa Hotel in Chesterfield and then Jen delivered the bombshell that was being unleashed on everyone - the fact is that they were actually getting married and it was to be a wedding reception!  We were sworn to secrecy!

On the day in question we met Jen and her bridesmaids at her house.  They had just started to get ready so we were able to capture a few images of them getting ready and relaxing..... The bubbly was going down well but we settled for a coffee!

We left Jen's house and headed for the Registry Office in Chesterfield Town Centre.  Parking was a nightmare so Ellen dropped me off and I ran to the Office whilst she parked up.  We met Steve and his Best man, who had only been told the night before and had his mobile confiscated (as had the bridesmaids). The Best man was his son by the way and he was the calmest Best man I have ever seen!

Jen arrived and Steve met her outside.  This isn't the traditional thing but this wedding was as far away from tradition as you can get - although it did get back to more traditional ways later in the day.

Jen and Steve were married at 10.30am and after a few shots in side of them and their entourage we all left for the Casa Hotel.  After a few shots there they went away and got changed before eating a sandwich lunch.  They had also, by this time sent text messages to family and posted that they were married it on facebook.  They turned all phones off and relaxed for the afternoon.  During this time we prepared a small slideshow to show their guests later in the day.  At 6pm they re-dressed in their dresses and suits and Jen & Steve departed for an hour whilst everyone arrived!

When they got back the applause and heckles were loud and well received.  Everyone loved the slideshow we had hastily put together.  During the evening  we were on hand to capture some more photos of the evening as it progressed. Jen & Steve cut the cake, had a dance and did the traditional thing.  We left them at 9.30pm feeling absolutely shattered... it had been as 14 hour day for us.


A few days later we received a lovely review on our facebook page from Jen & Steve.... it reads........

"Absolutely amazing photography, fabulous couple and great fun too. Our photo's captured the whole day perfectly with such unique shots and we can't thank you enough Martin & Ellen. Can't wait to see the final pics! Will gladly recommend Martelle to anyone, you will not be disappointed with the results.'s some of the images we we took

Nottingham Wedding PhotographerWedding Photographer in NottinghamMartelle Photography HucknallBeautiful Wedding Dress PhotoA very Happy Bride to beBridal Preparation, Nottingham WeddingFor Blog-7For Blog-8Wedding Rings, Nottinghamshire Wedding PhotographerLets Get Married, Wedding Photographer ChesterfieldChesterfield Wedding PhotographyFor Blog-12For Blog-13For Blog-14For Blog-15For Blog-16For Blog-17Wedding Photography in ChesterfieldFor Blog-19For Blog-20For Blog-21For Blog-22Casa Hotel Wedding PhotographyCasa Hotel Wedding PhotographyCasa Hotel Wedding PhotographyFor Blog-29Casa Hotel Wedding PhotographyCasa Hotel Wedding PhotographerFor Blog-32For Blog-33Chesterfield Wedding PhotographyNottingham Wedding PhotographyFor Blog-37For Blog-38For Blog-40For Blog-41For Blog-42For Blog-43For Blog-44For Blog-45For Blog-46For Blog-47For Blog-48For Blog-49For Blog-50For Blog-51

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Reasons to book a Professional Photographer We all know that there are photographers out there that charge an absolute fortune. We also know there are people out there that will photograph your wedding for a couple of hundred pounds or less even, just to get their portfolio started.

I understand that everybody has a budget and not everyone can afford those top wedding photographers, but before you do decide to go with that cheaper option please take a think.  In 25 years what will be the one way to reflect on your wedding? Will you show off your beautiful dress?  Will you offer some Wedding Cake? Perhaps you may just grab your bouquet!  I actually doubt that these are going to be an option though.

Professional photographers invest heavily in training, insurance and equipment.  Don't let your wedding day be ruined by not having any images you can decorate your wall with.

Anyway, the reason of this post is that I just want to draw your attention away from that cheaper option.... or you may end up with images like this.

Really Awful Wedding Images (click link)

Thanks for reading.

PS.  These images were taken by a supposedly Professional Photographer…….  They were taken by someone who admits they were not ready to be a professional wedding photographers at the time.

Please tell any bride to be .... check their photographers portfolio before booking.  We are always more than happy to show case our images and would never deliver anything that we would not hang on our walls to show off and remind us of our amazing day!

Martin & Ellen


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Event Photography Martelle can now officially say we are now an established event photographer. We have been privileged to work with 2 other event photographers over the last couple of years and feel that we held our own.  It was a surprise that we were asked to be the photographers whilst our 'mentors' concentrated on the printing and selling side of the venture but they were so happy with our ability, style and ability to get the best out of our subjects but we are quietly confident in our ability so i guess it was huge compliment to front another company.    To cut a long story short we are now taking bookings for events ourselves.  This is fabulous news for us and something we really enjoy.  Sadly though we recently had to turn down a high publicity and big event in the Isle of Wight as we were already booked for a wedding which you all know we love!!

So far this year we have been booked for School Proms, University Graduation Ball,  A Football Awards Ceremony and have the opportunity to shoot a large football weekend next year - something we would love to do and the scale of it means we will need to employ extra photographers as there are approximately 1000 players!!  

We have made massive inroads into this market and as such have moved form hiring printers to owning one with another to follow indue course!  We have upgraded our lighting and transmitters and are ready to cover any event!!  We feel this is a huge step for us and one we are immensely proud of.  We can print on the day, have online galleries and have a very fast turnaround from camera to gallery - less than 24 hours in most cases! you know any events that are happening this year and feel that a coverage by a professional photographer would be a good idea?? Why not give us a call and see what we can offer you? You will be pleasantly surprised at our prices!!

Call us on 07833 253788 or email us at


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Portrait Photography Martelle Photography has moved forward over the last couple of years and we are really lucky to have such fantastic family and friends and also some amazing clients.  As you know we have shot weddings, engagements, parties, proms, and newborns which we feel falls into the realm of Portrait Photography.

We felt that sometimes our portrait work was getting mixed up amongst our weddings and wasn't really getting the highlight and visibility it really deserved.  To that end we have decided to split Martelle into 2 areas.  We now operate Martelle Weddings and Martelle Portraits and to celebrate the portraits we are going to be doing some amazing introductory offers.  Keep a lookout on our Facebook Page as we prepare them for release.

Martelle Portraits will be studio or location based shoots for Families, couples, children and pets.

We look forward to telling you more....... in the near future.  Meanwhile here's a small selection of some of our shots.

Nottingham Portrait Photographer
The old 'swap your glasses' gets them everytime!!!
Nottingham Portrait Photographer
Great Grand Parents!
Nottingham Portrait Photographer
The Look ....
Nottingham Portrait Photographer
who would have thought this young man would be camera shy to start with!!


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Abi & Josh Its been a while since I photographed this wedding but as story telling photographer I should tell the story of Abi and Josh and show why i have chosen to do in a few pictures.....

Abi & Josh have known each other for ages.  They met, fell in love and enjoyed life in each others' company.  They have a great set of friends and life was good for them  It was about to get even better as Abi found out she was pregnant after a while and this was great news for them both.

Abi is a petite and pretty young lady.  She has an air of beauty about her that is obvious to see.  Josh is a lucky man and at 6ft something he stands tall and proud.  He is a handsome young man and is wise in words for such young years.

One Sunday afternoon we received a phone call.  "Are you able to photograph a wedding of my friends on such a date?" asked the caller.  We thought it strange that the question was being asked by a friend but we went with it.  An hour later we got a call from Abi.  The wedding was in 4 weeks time and were we available...we were not her first choice but everyone was so busy.  Luckily for Abi and Josh we were available and set about preparing and finding  out as much as possible so we could capture their day.

On the wedding day we met for the first time and they were great! They got married at Sheffield Registry Office, had a few photos in Peace Gardens and retired to a local hotel for their wedding breakfast.  All was good - except for the hecklers of a peace protest in Sheffield City Centre.............You see, Josh is a soldier in the British Army and he had worn his uniform to get married in. The protesters and seen this and were shouting things at him.  Josh's mum calmed the situation directly (with some carefully chosen words) before the local police took over and moved them on.  Josh & Abi were oblivious as they had some photos taken and luckily hadn't heard anything.!

What the protesters didn't know was that in a few days Josh would be in Afghanistan. This was the reason that their wedding had been put together so quickly, and brilliantly I must add.

Josh's mum is a lovely woman.  This shot of her embracing her son on his wedding day captured the love and support of a mother who's son was about to go to war.....Chances are after the wedding she would have very little time before Josh departed for foreign lands.  Its a loving moment but one with that other horrible thought at the back of your mind!!  The kind we hope no mother should ever have.

Nottingham Wedding Photogrpaher
A mothers love!


In peace gardens - oblivious to the very rude hecklers we were able to take advantage of the fountain for this love posed image.  I think they were lost in each others thoughts for a few moments!


Wedding Photographer in Nottingham
Beautiful Bride - through the fountains at Peace Gardens


Like I said.... Josh stands tall and is handsome young man.  Abi.... simply beautiful and this pose shows them calm, relaxed ....and happy!

Wedding Photography Nottingham
Husband & Wife, Josh & Abi



A lot of people put the emphasis on a first dance being truly wonderful.  Look at it from this point.  It could have been their first and last dance.  This shot reminds me of those old  war movies where the soldier, after the 1st dance leaves for war and his loving, new wife (in this case) is left behind not knowing the dangers he is to face and praying he will return safe and sound.  It tells a story!


Wedding Photographer Nottingham
First Dance, Regimental Cap in the foreground.


Josh spent 6 months in Afghanistan and missed his wife and daughter massively.  He did his duty.  Josh returned safely and continues to serve serve.   They now have a beautiful son as well as pretty daughter...... and their love.....

........... it still blossoms.





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Beginners Photography Course Are you one of those people that has a great camera but don't really know how to use it? Do you sometimes take some lovely shots of your friends and family but then others aren't so great.  Is it a case of hit and miss and you don't really know why its happening?  If so, this Beginners Photography Course maybe exactly what you are looking for.

Wouldn't it be fab to have a professional photographer with you when you are on holiday ...someone who can advise you on what settings to set the camera to?  Well I may not be able to come on that holiday with you but I can give you the knowledge to improve.  With a day of practical learning and 'hands on' with your skills will improve and so will your confidence.

We will start off with some classroom work before venturing off to some nearby woodlands and a country park for some practical skills before heading back for final coffee and chat to finalise things.

Each Course lasts for 6 hours and starts at 10am - 4pm with a break for lunch.  Lunch, Coffee and Tea is provided and is included in the price. 

The Price is £75 per person.  A £25 deposit* is required to secure your place.

All you need to bring is your Camera and any interchangeable lenses you may have.

For just £75 we also offer practical assistance via email/phone and offer constructive criticism as a mentor type approach for 3 calendar months.  This is invaluable to you for getting it right with help available if you need it and is probably the best training you can get!  


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Elaine & Stephen's Wedding Elaine & Stephen got married at the Holy Cross Church in Upper Langwith, Derbyshire before moving to the lovely Van Dyks Hotel for their Wedding Reception.  The day was a beautiful sunny day and it started with us catching a few images of the beautiful bride as she got ready for her big day.  Most of this was done outside in the garden as Elaine and her Bridesmaids relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and a few glasses of Champers!!  It was a very relaxed morning for the bride should we say.

The groom meanwhile was getting himself ready with his best man and friends.  He admitted he had little sleep the night before but was ready and awaited his bride to be.

Elaine arrived right on time and was escorted up the path by her Dad.  He was a happy daddy!

Once inside the church which was very small, we quietly set out capturing the most important events on  any wedding day....the binding of 2 people in matrimony!  The vicar was fab by the way and he let us capture all of the ceremony without question.  We were of course still discreet and very respectful as we are always.

We then moved outside and after the B&G left for Van Dyks we followed, overtook and captured their arrival before doing the formal shots.  We then left Elaine & Stephen to enjoy time with their guests and their wedding breakfast.  We captured a few shots of the speeches and the remainder of the day but please just have look at the photos below and enjoy them.





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Wedding Fair - Bestwood Lodge April 2015 As a leading Nottingham Wedding Photographer we exhibit at preferred establishments we know.  We recently exhibited at Bestwood Lodge Hotel.  We love to meet people and discuss their wedding day plans and ideas.  Its great to hear all the brilliant ideas that people have for their wedding day and if we can help in any way we will.  Of course we are wedding photography specialists and that's our forte.

Martelle Photography, as previous clients would agree, are with you every step of the way from the moment of bookings us.  If we can assist you then ask us... we will be only to please to help make your day as special as you want. 

Once people meet us and see our calm and relaxed approach, coupled with our professionalism they feel reassured that we can capture their wedding day in high resolution, well composed and beautiful images.  

Taken on a mobile here is our stall
Bestwood Lodge Wedding Photography


We are now looking at exhibiting at more events later this year.  We will keep you posted but we will be at Bestwood Lodge again.

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Elysia & Craig - The Walled Garden, Nottingham Elysia and Craig were married on 4th May 2014.  The day was a lovely sunny start and Elysia was very relaxed and calm when we met her, her bridesmaids and mum and dad.  in fact all of the party were quiet and relaxed...... The Brides dress and accessories were hung neatly in a bedroom with another bedroom set aside for the bridesmaids - which again was meticulously laid out.  This was joy to see as it showed us that a lot of organisation had been done ...right down to the finer details.

E&C-6 E&C-7 E&C-5 E&C-8

After that it was a small matter of getting the bride to The Walled Gardens for the wedding ceremony......

E&C-3 E&C-10

E&C-4 E&C-11

The ceremony was lovely and there was a lot of emotion....the bride and groom and teary eyes of love and happiness and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house when they said their vows to each other.

After that we had a few group shots and private shoot of the bride and groom, which every couple we have the pleasure to photograph have.

E&C-24 E&C-18 E&C-19 E&C-16 E&C-15 E&C-14 E&C-13 E&C-12 E&C-23

There was a lot of fun and laughter and the best men carried off the most amazing and funniest speech we have heard.

As the wedding was rather late in the day we took advantage of the poor light with our lowed-iD light and captured some romantic images in the dark....


Finally we had the first dance and everybody was up for this.  Craig and Elysia had everyone on their feet with their dance and it wasn't long before they all joined in and partied th enight away....


but mostly importantly was that everyone had a brilliant day and Elysia wooed her husband, much so that she left a lasting impression of herself on that they will treasure forever....

E&C-17and one that The Walled Gardens will never forget either.


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