Moving In

June 29, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Things have been a little hectic here at Martelle Mansion.  A house move has been successfully completed and I am now typing this from the new Office and Viewing Suite.

We have had a tiring few days as Martin was away in France on location in Normandy until late, very late Friday night.  This was a cunning plan of his to avoid unpacking!!  

On Sunday, we had our first baby shoot. We had the joy of meeting Bethany, who is 8 weeks old and an absolutely beautiful young lady.  It was hard work mind as sadly Bethany was having a grumpy day and really fighting hard to stay awake – when we had hoped to get some sleepy, dreamy images. We did manage it after a couple of hours and credit to Mum and Dad who were brilliant of course.  My favourite image is below.

Baby Bethany.  A very light sleeper

Baby Bethany. A very light sleeper



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