First Ever Newborn Shoot

January 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Our very first newborn shoot took place on Sunday.  We really respect those other photographers that specialise in Newborn Photography as it is very demanding and tiring.  The shoots last a lot longer as we have to wait for our model to be fed, winded, relax, drop back to sleep and have a nappy change!!  Not something our usual models face.  However, we are not deterred and plan to move this venture forward.  We will be undertaking further training in the future and seeking advice from some of the specialist Newborn Photographers we know - why?  Because we loved it , the whole concept and everything about it!!


Our wonderful model was a relation, 1st Cousin once removed if I 'm right!  She was an absolute star and beautiful so we were privileged to have her help.  Mum and Dad are great but very tired.  Molly is just 6 days old and both Mum and Dad are getting used to their new addition.  Big Congrats to them by the way ...... but now the hard work starts.  I have added some pics to our Hucknall & Nottingham Newborn Photography Portfolio but here are 1 or 2 to start with.


Molly -5Molly -5 Molly 2Molly 2



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