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November 06, 2014  •  1 Comment

Kate & Jake were married at Breadsall Priory earlier this year. They had been to see us after catching us working at another wedding they had attended. Seeing us in action gave them the reassurance of what we are about – professional, polite, capable of dealing with large groups of photos, our relaxed & fun personalities and the very fact that we care so much about the images being captured.

Before I start I really have to say…. Kate & Jake were brilliant all day and were a joy to photograph. They made our job so very much easier with their understanding if you give the photographers time then they will capture memories, love and beautiful images. We had a fabulous day and hope for many more like that.

On the day, Kate was getting ready at Breadsall itself and Jake was getting ready at home. Kate was feeling slightly nervous and apprehensive – so we were told…yet we found her eating croissants and drinking coffee totally relaxed. In the adjoining room next door the bridesmaids were dancing about like member of an 80’s tribute band! Whilst Kate was finishing off her preparations we went to catch up with Jake and the Groomsmen. Now at this point I should mention that they wanted fun shots and something a little different….Martelle truly obliged and we love it when bride and grooms ask for this. So with Jake and the guys in tow we set about a few shots of the groomsmen outside Breadsall Priory and the rest of the day followed on. I will let the images tell the story from here on in.

The Embellishments



Kate and her Bridesmaids on the preparations.

K&J-4 K&J-10 K&J-11 K&J-5 K&J-20

The Groom and Groomsmen before the wedding

K&J-6 K&J-8 K&J-15 K&J-16 K&J-13 K&J-12


Last moments as Miss P

K&J-28 K&J-25 K&J-26 K&J-27


The Marriage

K&J-17 K&J-18 K&J-29 K&J-30 K&J-19 K&J-31 K&J-22


The Private Shoot/Bridal Parties and Groomsmen

K&J-47 K&J-45 K&J-43 K&J-42 K&J-41 K&J-38 K&J-37 K&J-36 K&J-34 K&J-33 K&J-32 K&J-49K&J-55

The Wedding Breakfast and Cake Cutting

K&J-53 K&J-52 K&J-46 K&J-51

A bit of Fun & Love!

K&J-61 K&J-59 K&J-54



K&J-50 K&J-48 K&J-40 K&J-33The First Dance (s)

K&J-62 K&J-60 K&J-57 K&J-58

9.30pm at Night – very Dark – They wanted Sparklers!

K&J-63 K&J-66 K&J-65 K&J-68 K&J-67

Thanks for reading and more blogs to follow…..a lot to catch up on!!




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