Beginners Photography Course

February 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Are you one of those people that has a great camera but don't really know how to use it? Do you sometimes take some lovely shots of your friends and family but then others aren't so great.  Is it a case of hit and miss and you don't really know why its happening?  If so, this Beginners Photography Course maybe exactly what you are looking for.

Wouldn't it be fab to have a professional photographer with you when you are on holiday ...someone who can advise you on what settings to set the camera to?  Well I may not be able to come on that holiday with you but I can give you the knowledge to improve.  With a day of practical learning and 'hands on' with your skills will improve and so will your confidence.

We will start off with some classroom work before venturing off to some nearby woodlands and a country park for some practical skills before heading back for final coffee and chat to finalise things.

Each Course lasts for 6 hours and starts at 10am - 4pm with a break for lunch.  Lunch, Coffee and Tea is provided and is included in the price. 

The Price is £75 per person.  A £25 deposit* is required to secure your place.

All you need to bring is your Camera and any interchangeable lenses you may have.

For just £75 we also offer practical assistance via email/phone and offer constructive criticism as a mentor type approach for 3 calendar months.  This is invaluable to you for getting it right with help available if you need it and is probably the best training you can get!  



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