Elaine & Stephen's Wedding

February 20, 2015

Elaine & Stephen got married at the Holy Cross Church in Upper Langwith, Derbyshire before moving to the lovely Van Dyks Hotel for their Wedding Reception.  The day was a beautiful sunny day and it started with us catching a few images of the beautiful bride as she got ready for her big day.  Most of this was done outside in the garden as Elaine and her Bridesmaids relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and a few glasses of Champers!!  It was a very relaxed morning for the bride should we say.

The groom meanwhile was getting himself ready with his best man and friends.  He admitted he had little sleep the night before but was ready and awaited his bride to be.

Elaine arrived right on time and was escorted up the path by her Dad.  He was a happy daddy!

Once inside the church which was very small, we quietly set out capturing the most important events on  any wedding day....the binding of 2 people in matrimony!  The vicar was fab by the way and he let us capture all of the ceremony without question.  We were of course still discreet and very respectful as we are always.

We then moved outside and after the B&G left for Van Dyks we followed, overtook and captured their arrival before doing the formal shots.  We then left Elaine & Stephen to enjoy time with their guests and their wedding breakfast.  We captured a few shots of the speeches and the remainder of the day but please just have look at the photos below and enjoy them.