Ringwood Hall, Stefan & Phillipa

January 13, 2016  •  2 Comments

Stefan & Philippa are a funloving and happy couple.  They approached Martelle  after seeing our 'Umbrella Shot' and said it was the best they had seen.  This was lovely to hear and after spending time with us and after hearing our enthusiasm and ideas for their wedding they booked us.  Their wedding was on 19 September 2015 at Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield.   This is an excellent venue for photographs and we couldn't wait.

On the day we met Phillipa at her Dad's house in Calverton and went about taking shots of the dress, shoes and the bridal preps themselves.  We then raced (safely, and within the speed limits, I hasten to add) to Ringwood to meet Stefan and his Groomsmen. We managed to get a few shots of Stefan and the rings before they were needed and waited for the beautiful bride to arrive.

The ceremony was beautiful and the selfie shot at the end was brilliant.  Afterwards we took lots of casual and informal shots but before that we had 25 minutes with the newlyweds on their private shoot.  We took full advantage of this time and got some great shots!

Phillipa and Stefan enjoyed some time with their family and friends before doing the group formal shots and everyone had a lot of fun.  We try and do this as quickly as possible so everyone can get back to the day.

The day progressed nicely and in the evening Phillipa & Stefan asked us to create a Romeo and Juliet Scene, a Harry Potter Scene and we added a bit of our magic.  See if you can spot them below!

Since the Day Phillipa & Stefan have taken delivery of their stunning Graphi Album and to say they fell in love with it is an understatement.

Anyway...let the photos speak....

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Phillipa Mousley(non-registered)
I love this! Reading it makes me want to do it all over again! Can't thank you and Ellen enough, you two are amazing.
Pat Jenkinson(non-registered)
Beautiful Bride, fantastic photos, you captured the day perfectly
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