Rachel & Chris's Wedding Woodborough Hall.

November 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

​Rachel & Chris were married at St Mark's Church, Woodthorpe before enjoying a Wedding Breakfast with Families and Friends at Woodborough Hall.  Rachel also enjoyed the morning at Woodborough hall as she prepared for her her big day.  On this occasion Martelle was ably assisted by an excellent young photographer, Jacqueline Shieff who has a great eye for detail.

Rachel's preparations were perfect and the surroundings and rooms of Woodborough were just perfect and she was helped by her amazing bridesmaids and mum.    Meanwhile, Chris relaxed at his Dad's home before getting ready.  

The day went swimmingly well and despite the chance of rain - there was none!  Chris and Rachel said their vows in a beautiful ceremony at St Mark's Church in Woodthorpe and departed quickly to Woodborough.  Despite a chill in the air Chris & Rachel were fantastic and up for being photographed.  

Anyway...shall we let some photos do the talking.



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And now this fabulous coupe are going to become parents.... very soon!!