Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

Unobtrusive means to many people, when talking about wedding photographers, that the photographer will be hiding behind curtains and flower bushes throughout the course of the day.  From those hidden places they will hardly be seen and will capture amazing photographs.  This is worrying as that is not what unobtrusive means.  It is just weird in my opinion and will probably freak you and your guest out! Intrusive is the opposite of what we are all about and I have an example of a very intrusive photographer which is very worrying indeed!!  


The Real Unobtrusive Photographer

Martelle Photography are unobtrusive and yet we are seen and are highly visible throughout your day.  How can that be?  Quite Simply we mingle, we talk to your guests, we are dressed like guests and we behave like guests with a decent camera taking photos, very good photos actually. When you and your guests see this they forget very quickly and we are able to capture lovely candid images using our reportage style.

At one wedding I recall a guest asking us how we knew the Bride & Groom, Was it the Bride we knew, the Groom or both.  When we told her we were the photographers she smiled and replied she had thought we were guests. This is a big compliment to us and shows that being unobtrusive, in our style, does actually work.

If you like this thought of unobtrusive photography on your wedding day then please get in touch.

Here are a few unobtrusive images where we have mingled as guests.

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