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Martelle Photography are an award winning Alfreton Wedding Photographer.  We pride ourselves on providing a professional service you can depend on, delivered with a personal touch. We endeavour to offer a relaxed, non-intrusive, personable method of photography, capturing the moments you wish to hold dear, and telling the story of your wedding day with images you will cherish forever.

As a husband and wife team we understand that weddings are about the coming-together of two people, surrounded by friends and family in a symbolic gesture of love, and these are precisely the moments we capture: We simply set the stage, letting the wondrous emotions of the day unfold as we commit them to camera. 

Many of our contemporaries shoot the same tired poses again and again - which we actively avoid - in order to make your wedding photographs individual to you. Typically, we stay until 30 minutes after the first dance has concluded, although we will stay longer if required.

Upon completion of your wedding photography shoot, we always ensure that your photos are backed up and secured, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that the photos of your important moments will never be lost or damaged.

Every engaged couple are different, and we appreciate that.  Naturally, our customers have preferences and ideas of their own when it comes to wedding photography - after all, it’s your big day. Tell us your ideas as we love to hear them.

We also incorporate ad-hoc suggestions quickly and easily, and with the minimum of fuss – leaving you to continue enjoying the best day of your lives, surrounded by those you care about.

For stunning and lovely Alfreton Wedding Photography why not drop us a line on 07833 253788 or via our contact page

We look forward to hearing from you.