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Ben's Den


Ben’s Den is a dedicated children’s charity based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, and set up in memory of Ben Parker, who sadly passed away in 2003 following a battle with leukaemia.

The aim of the charity is to support the families of children fighting leukaemia or cancer, by gifting them a free holiday and allowing them to spend much needed, quality family together away from the overwhelming hospital environment.

The charity was set up by Ben’s parents in March 2004. Since then, they have held many fundraising events and now have two fully equipped caravans, named ‘Ben’s Den 1’ and ‘Ben’s Den 2’, at the Haven holiday site in Mablethorpe.

You can see more about Ben's Den here..... Ben's Den.  Please take a moment to take a look at the site.



Martelle Photography has for the last 2 years supported this amazing and most worthwhile charity by way of a photo shoot at their Annual Charity Ball Night.  You can see the photographs here.... Ball Photos. It would be great if you bought one of your photo's that we took with you looking amazing!  So many photographs go unnoticed and are left on computers and in drawers they are so much better when displayed so people can see them!

As a special for Ben's Den ...... for each photo you buy we will donate a percentage of that sale to Ben's Den!!  So please buy a photo, have it framed professionally and in doing so you will be contributing to this wonderful charity.  


Thank you.

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