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Engagements are a huge thing.  It’s a moment in time when you both agree to spend the rest of you lives with each other.  That’s a big commitment and such a joyous one!  From that moment ideas and thoughts naturally turn towards your wedding day photography ideas and plans.   One of the best bits of advice we offer is to have an engagement shoot.  We know, from what our couples have said, is that they really help you get used to a camera being pointed at you.


Each shoot usually takes place around 6-8 weeks before your big day arrives. Ideally, we like to visit your wedding venue with you so we can walk around it.  This may not be available so perhaps there’s a romantic place, a park or woodland area that we could meet up and get some great pictures of you both.  This shoot helps you see how I work and I get to see how you are for the camera! I also get to see how you interact with each other, something I can then bring to the wedding.


Engagement shoots really helps with any nerves or giggles you have of being photographed before your big day.  Essentially, we have a laugh for about an hour, take some candid and relaxed photos. You then come away feeling much more relaxed and I come away knowing a bit more about you and your likes.


By the time your wedding comes around you’ll be so happy and relaxed about the photography that you will be able to focus on enjoying your day.



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