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We can bring our full professional photography studio to your school prom. We have several backdrops, great lighting and print on the night.

All images are available to view immediately on a large screen and people can purchase them on the evening, have them printed out and take them away.  We also upload them to our website where more copies can be purchased should you choose.  

Prom-1Prom-1 Prom-3Prom-3

It doesn't cost for us to to attend - usually!

For Year 11 proms with more than 125 guests we should be able to attend for free and as such we do ask;

  • all parents of students must have been informed before the prom of our attendance and the cost of the print on the night..
  • if a photobooth from another company is booked then there will be an attendance fee of £100
  • We ask that you ensure we have enough space and that tables and chairs are provided by the venue for us to set up on.


Prom Photographer Nottingham and Derby


Types of photos we taken

In our experience we have seen a change in individual photographs or a those with a boyfriend or girlfriend....although we knew parents want these!! More recently we have seen a surge in group photos of best friends or the lads!  It does depend on the school though!  We are adept and versatile and so whatever the night throws at us we see students walking away happy with there purchases and a memory etched in print.


Prom-13Prom-13 KH Prom-53KH Prom-53




Let me tell you more about how it works on the night.

Firstly, we make it easy and simple for you.  Students (and staff) who choose to be have a photograph taken should note the following

  • a number of photographs may taken in different poses.
  • Martin will use his experience to pose people to best effect
  • photos are quickly available to view on a monitor
  • students can purchase the photo or any photos they like
  • the photos are printed out within 30 seconds of choosing and presented in a cardboard mount and bag for protection.

There is no obligation to buy, and we don't do a hard sell. If you don’t like the photos you an just  walk away or have them taken again.

After the prom the photos will be available in an online gallery for purchase and the school will receive instruction on where to find this gallery.


De Mont - Grad-238De Mont - Grad-238


Cost of prints

We keep our pricing simple.

Each photo is £8.  Photos are 9 x 6 inches and are presented in a card frame and bagged for protection.

Some schools incorporate the cost of a print for every student into the ticket price of the prom.  Should you wish to do this we can provide the photos at a cost of £7.50 each. 


Prom-14Prom-14 Prom-11Prom-11 Prom-9Prom-9

We would love you to book us and see what we can do.  If you choose to book us we will provide vouchers to the value of £80 that ca be redeemed on the night so that pupil premium students can get a photograph to remember their prom.

Please drop us an email, call Martin on 07833 253788 or get in touch via our contact page.


Thank you