Nottingham Wedding Photographer - Martelle Photography | FAQ's

Have a specific question?

If you don't see the answer to your question here, please contact me here.

How long in advance do we need to book?

We cover up to 30 weddings every year and usually start to book up about 12-18 months in advance. If you'd like us to do your wedding, you should book as early as possible.

Can we come and see you?

Yes, please! We always like to meet couples before booking, where possible, but at the very least we should talk on the phone.

How long should we allow on our day for photographs?

We usually ask for about 45 minutes to cover the formal shots and ideally this is best done before your Wedding Breakfast.  We will also need about 25 minutes of time with just the bride and groom to capture those more beautiful and romantic shots.

Will I own the copyright to all of my photos?

You will be given a license to do anything you want with the photographs except to sell them.  In essence, you may print them, copy the disk for friends and family, upload them to facebook and social media sites and so on. You can do pretty much everything except sell them as you do not own the copyright - there are virtually no restrictions.

What happens in the build up to our wedding?

After you've filled in the booking form and paid the booking fee, your wedding date is firmly booked. No one else can take it. About 8 weeks before your wedding I will be in touch to arrange a pre-shoot. Another invoice is automatically created and sent to you. I will also ask you to complete a more detailed   form about your day - including the timings for your day and also any group or specific photographs you require.

What work do you do on our photos?

Your photos receive as much attention after your wedding as they did on the day itself. I inspect every photograph and choose only the very best photographs; every photo that is delivered is properly enhanced to make sure it's exactly how it should be and finally some artistic changes may be made to ensure that the photograph is at its best. After that I rename all your images, produce a slideshow and your disks. These processes take much longer than the photography of the wedding itself!

Can I get all of the photos taken?

Sadly no. I could never offer this option since I take many duplicates during the day, some images just don't quite work for one reason or another, people blink and so on. I like to think I give you quality, not quantity.

When will get our images/photos?

Approximately 5-6 weeks after your wedding you will be invited round to visit us. You will then be able to view your slideshow with coffee and homemade cookies and cakes before taking away the finished product.

Do you have backup equipment?

Absolutely!  Every photographer should do this. I have 2 professional standard backup cameras and spare lenses just in case something was to go wrong.  This enables me to carry on without fear of missing anything.  

Do you backup my photos?

Yes, as soon as I return home I copy all images to my computer, where they stay. My camera has two memory card slots and the camera writes every photo to both cards so there is an automatic backup happening as I shoot!   I also then backup your photos to 2 portable hard drives and one is kept outside of my house with a nearby family member for safekeeping.

What do we get back from you?

You receive your images and slideshow on a high quality, bespoke and beautiful USB.  The USB contains all of your provided images and a Slideshow.   The slideshow is about 10-15 minutes long and plays on your TV/PC.  There is also an online password protected gallery of your images to show your friends and family.  They can purchase images directly from the gallery should they so choose.

Can I upload the photos to facebook or twitter?

Yes, Please do.  I prepare the files ready for upload to social media sites. Each photo has a small unobtrusive watermark in the corner to ensure copyright is adhered to by Facebook and Twitter, but it's not very noticeable.

Are you insured?

Yes, every professional photographer should be. I have Professional Indemnity and Personal Liability insurance for myself and any assistant I bring.  I am also a member of the Guild of Photographers