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Over the last few months we have trialled, with great success, our very own App for your iPhone or Android Device.  It works on both mobile and tablets!!

The app is a custom mobile app that sits on your device's home screen with one of your photos as the app icon. When you open the app, your photos are beautifully displayed in an album. Not only can you view your Digital Album without an internet connection, but because albums are saved offline, the app loads quickly when you want to share since photos don't need to download each time. (You do need to be online the first time you use it though so it can sync/save with offline settings).

Each image can be shared by any of the following means:

  1. Tweet  
  2. Facebook
  3. Pinterest
  4. Email
  5. Text

​and is included in all our packages as standard.  We even use it for your engagement shoot!!

Swiping down the app will showcase all your photos in a gallery style.  If you tap on an image you to see it on its own and enjoy it and share!  

It's really quite easy but we think you should have a go ....... so why not click the Demo App below and follow this simple guide to add a sample album that you can play around with.


Here's a link to our demo app....




  1. Open the link below on your device (best if you go to this page via your device and not a home computer)
  2. Click on the share icon (box with the arrow coming up out of it at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on add to home screen.
  4. Then the app will be added to the home screen.


  1. Copy the url for your album and paste into the Chrome browser
  2. Click on the browser's built in menu (usually three lines in the upper right) OR the phone’s built in menu option (Samsung phones) this is usually three lines on the device to the left of the home button.
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”


Now you can take your photos with you on your mobile, and easily share them with your friends and family.