Nottingham Wedding Photographer - Martelle Photography | Why choose a Professional Photographer?

As a leading Nottingham wedding photographer we understand that when it comes to planning your big day and you start adding up the costs involved for the dress, the venue, the rings and the other things it is understandable to start looking at where you can save money.

However when it comes to capturing your wedding day, here are 5 reasons to not skimp on your wedding photography and asking your friend down the road or someone in the family that has got a 'nice camera'.


1. There is more to being a photographer than having an expensive camera

In the same way an artist uses a brush, a cake maker uses ingredients and a writer uses a pen, these are just tools, it’s how the person use those tools that produces those amazing creations.  

James Martin (That TV Chef) has all the ingredients, tools and that oven.  He crafts his food in such a way that most people with the same set up would not be able to equal!  If you wanted to sit down and dine 5* then I guess you would more than likely look for someone with years of experience with a lot of happy and satisfied customers who would recommend them.

You want someone who knows how to use the camera, who has the experience of taking photos in different light, different conditions, composing different shots and executing it perfectly. The camera doesn’t do this, the photographer does this and has developed their skill and knowledge through years of experience and many hours of shooting. With this you get consistency, not one or two stunning photos, but a whole albums worth.


2. An amateur means more work for you.

A professional photographer will have years of experience capturing weddings, they will know the shots to take, they will know where to be at that right time, they can be left to get on with their job in full confidence knowing they will be where you want them to be.

They will also anticipate what will happen next, they will know the flow of the day, they will have already found the perfect place for those cute bride and groom shots, they will know the ideal location in the church with the perfect back drop, your wedding day isn’t a photo shoot, it is a dynamic event with only one chance to capture those moments.

3.  Feeling at ease

Weddings have both posed moments as well as action shots. You may have asked for some group photos and posed shots, you want to feel at ease and a professional shall be able to make you feel comfortable and natural, not stiff and awkward, these moments are part of your wedding day, so they should be fun and enjoyable. This skill is something that comes from experience and having trust in them.

4. What If…

What if…? What if the photographer falls ill, there is an emergency, their computer hard drive fails? The worst case scenario is you have no photos of your big day at all! A professional photographer will have a plan B, they shall have contacts to call upon, they will have back ups of back ups. An amateur may not have a plan B and may not be able to afford to back up everything up, where as a reputation is on the line for a professional.

5. You only have one chance

This is your wedding day, and hopefully you will only be having one special day. You only have one chance to capture your wedding day, so make sure you trust and have confidence in your photographer.

When the big day is over, the dress will be put away,, the flowers will wilt and the cake will be out up and eaten.  Apart from memories all you have are photos, photos you can treasure, photos you can all show to friends, family and grandchildren. 

The Bottom Line

If you reduced the budget on your cake and cut a few corners, hardly anyone would know and they certainly won’t remember, after a week your cake will be gone. After your wedding you will have wedding photos telling a beautiful story holding lots of amazing memories, you will have this forever.