Nottingham Wedding Photographer - Martelle Photography | Why Choose Us?
I am sure you will have looked at several other photographers websites and I am sure they can all, like us, take good photographs. They will be passionate about their work and will no doubt work hard on your day. We do that also. So what makes us different and why might you choose us. We have seen wedding photographers with very little personality. They were either quiet and didn't engage with people or they barked orders at everyone and made unrealistic demands on some guests. We have bags of personality and give you so much more than your average photographer. We leave a wedding knowing we have contributed to a great day. We give you an experience. We certainly don't shy away from things or hide from guests. If one of your guests tells us we wont get a photo of them.... we graciously accept the challenge then laugh with them later! We make sure no-one is left out. We shot a wedding recently where a lady was having difficulty walking. Ellen assisted her to a chair and then onwards to her place in the group shot, before escorting her back. The easiest thing is to show you what some of our previous clients have said.