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How can Wedding Photography Prices be so different?


WE recently attended a Wedding Fair and was asked this very question by a potential client. They had seen 3 different photographers before they had gotten to us - We like that as we firmly believe that our personalities are part of the service we provide, as well as our images of course.

I had taken time to walk around the wedding fayre and see what my competitors were offering.  The prices did vary but as I expected so did the quality of the images!  We were the 2nd most expensive photographers there out of 6! 

Do you ever remember being disappointed with a product and wanting to take it back? Are you able to gather your guests, get your hair and makeup sorted and re-shoot your wedding day at your venue - I doubt you will.  With any wedding venue, dress, photographer, flowers, cake etc.... you get what you pay for and the quality is always related to price.  You are not going to a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne for your toasts for the same price as the venues' usual champagne.  That designer bottle of perfume on ebay.. the one at half it really the same as the one you can buy in retails stores?  Chances are its a cheap imitation.

Photographs last a life time, they can be displayed for all to see, they trigger happy memories of moments that you may or may not have seen on your wedding day.  Every picture tells a story.

There are cheap imitations in photographer as there are in most walks of life.  Look around, compare images and like me, you will see a huge difference in quality. Get the very best you can with your budget but please don't cut corners on photographers.  It's your photos that will last to show your children and grandchildren.  The flowers will be dead, the cake long since eaten and the dress will be stored safely and rarely seen or it may even have been sold. 

To help you book a wedding photography we think it best to pick a photographer you get on with, as your images will be better, look more natural and your smiles will not appear false! A professional photographer knows where to stand to capture those special moments, understands light, exposure, highlights, shadows just to begin with.  They will have backup equipment, full insurance, be able to shoot in low light conditions without worry.  

We provide a thorough professional and personal service.  We have tailored weddings to our clients personalities such as sports, movies, pop groups and this personal touch is something we care about.  We shoot what you want and don't rule your day.  From carrying water and tissues, safety pins, helping brides carry dresses across grass and offering advice throughout your engagement we are professional.  Its what Martelle Photography is about.